Design team drafts major vision for the future of rebuilding Panama City


BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — A designated bike lane, a Charter school, and a waterfront park are all part of a vision to redesign three neighborhoods in Panama City — St. Andrews, Millville, and Glenwood.

Friday, June 26, Rebuild PC hosted a virtual meeting to share a presentation with Panama City residents: A strategic vision for Glenwood, Millville, and St. Andrews.

Throughout the meeting, the design team shared graphs, charts, and computer-generated mock-ups of a future Panama City that creates a lot of potential options — one where residents could explore, relax, and enjoy their newly renovated community.

Each neighborhood has its own design. They kicked things off with Glenwood which included a parkway, new housing, a supermarket, and a community center.

Next, they moved onto Millville where they drafted a waterfront park with a walkway, a drainage system that turns stormwater into a feature, and an amphitheater.

But perhaps the biggest overhaul was the future vision for St. Andrews. The prospect included public transportation, valet parking, walkability, real estate development, sea-level rise, and parks.

The design team said the idea is to get in line with places like Nantucket that thrive off of their fishing community. To offer small businesses a place to thrive with outdoor dining, walking trails, and shopping.

Recycling was even taken into account as a way to cut down on trash build-up.

They also had a plan for connecting Milleville and St. Andrews with a bike lane to allow residents to safely ride from one area of town to another.

Panama City Mayor, Greg Brudnicki said he thought the presentation was very productive.

“Be patient,” Brudnicki said. “We are going to continue this process until we vet out all of the ideas and then the resourcing will come.”

Brudnicki said we have a much better chance of resourcing these ideas today, because of the storm.

“It took advantage of us, we will now take advantage of it by building the premier city in the panhandle,” Brudnicki said.

To watch the full virtual meeting online, click here, and scroll down to the vision hub. There you can see the neighborhood plans and ways to engage with the team.

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