DEFUNIAK SPRINGS, Fla. (WMBB) — The city is preparing to welcome more businesses and residents within the next few years.

Roadwork and construction here in DeFuniak Springs are all part of a big-picture plan. Mayor Bob Campbell spoke to News 13 about the infrastructure plan that he is seeing for the next five to 10 years.

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“DeFuniak is really feeling those birth pains,” Mayor Campbell said.

DeFuniak Springs has, and continues to receive several million dollars through state and federal funding for infrastructure upgrades.

“To do a force main sewer from the south of I-10 to our main plant, which will now give us the ability to handle a lot of growth out there which we have,” Campbell said.

Campbell also said they are working on gathering over $40 million in grants to start work on two waste-water plants.

“We are doing our very very best and a lot of that has to do with stormwater, sewer, and water and gas,” he said.

Through future growth, Campbell said he hopes to see a mixture of businesses, industrial jobs and residents moving to the area.

“DeFuniak has got a lot to offer,” Campbell said. “It’s a very historic town. It was a very enterprising town when my granddad was here and his colleagues, and so I am trying to do that again.”

Just 10 years ago, Campbell said DeFuniak looked very desolate. There has been a lot of growth, but nowhere near what officials expect to see.