DEFUNIAK SPRINGS Fla. (WMBB) — Firefighters in DeFuniak Springs received something they really needed and it’s a major upgrade.

The fire department has a new air compressor to fill the air tanks on their breathing apparatuses.

Their new compressor is smaller and stronger than their old one, and more reliable. In the past, they have had to use compressors from neighboring counties when theirs was out of commission. But now, if need, they can return the favor.

“It actually has a computer onboard that monitors a whole bunch of different things for us as far as air quality inside the air bottles that will be pumping the air into the air bottles,” said DeFuniak Springs Fire Chief Ross Scheffield. It will shut down if any amount of carbon dioxide is detected in the air. So we know that right now we are getting air in our bottles that we can actually operate on.”

The new compressor has three parts. It does not run on diesel fuel, and Chief Sheffield said it will keep his staff much safer.