BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) — A heartwrenching phone call was at the center of the second day of testimony at a Calhoun County murder trial.

Dr. Daniel Belc is charged with first-degree murder in the 2018 death of his wife Judy.

Daniel and Judy’s son Daniel Belc Jr. took the stand Wednesday.

The state played a roughly half-hour-long recording of a phone call between Belc and his son after Belc allegedly murdered his wife.

Daniel Belc Jr.: Dad please don’t do this. Come on.

Daniel Belc: Well I have done it. Your mother is already gone. She’s gone. She’s been gone for probably two to three hours now so I’m waiting, you know, for the light to come on and to decide what to do.

Prosecutors allege the motive for the crime was the victim’s intention to divorce Belc, for which he couldn’t cope.

“I think she had just had enough of the things that they were arguing about and the controlling kind of behavior and that kind of thing,” Belc Jr. said.

He said in the days leading up to his mother’s death, his father had been acting strange.

“More and more throughout the week, it got more tense and erratic,” Belc Jr. said. “And then towards the end of the period before the murder, it kind of got just kind of scary.”

“I asked her to give me a chance and she wouldn’t give me a chance,” Belc said on the phone call. “You heard me saying it again and again and again, and she wouldn’t. […] I did a terrible thing, you know, I hurt the love of my life, you know, and I can’t forgive myself for that. I don’t believe God can forgive me for this. That how bad it was. That’s how bad it was […] I was just waiting for the light to come. And then I’ll just shoot my brains off. You know, I’m right here ready to go. You know, I have nothing to live for. My kids hate me. You know, every one of them.”

While on the phone, Belc Jr. tried to reason with his father and tells him to turn himself in instead of killing himself.

Belc: I have nothing to live for.

Belc Jr: Dad, that’s not true. Come on. You’re not going to get to see me, like, graduate from school. You’re not going to see any of us graduate. You’re going to see kids graduate from high school or get married or have kids or anything like that if you do this.

Belc: Okay. No, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right. […] I’ll just drive and the first police department I find I can just go up there myself.

Prosecutors said Belc then drove to the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, handed over the gun, and revealed his dead wife in the trunk of the car.

If convicted, he is facing life in prison without parole.

A verdict is expected Friday.