PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The drawdown at Deer Point Lake is underway. It’s a process to clear overgrown vegetation in the water.

Currently, 28.4 million gallons of water are flowing into the lake daily, and 27.5 million gallons flowing out. Draining the lake yearly is designed to help the aquatic vegetation and wildlife living in and around the water.

Sean Lathrop, water division superintendent for Bay County, said that once the gates are lowered to their target elevation the lake will continue to drain for 100 days.

“You really want to do it there in the colder months,” Lathrop said. “So the vegetation gets exposed to the cold air. So we take it down two feet lower than normal elevation. And the goal is to if it ever gets freezing, which some years we have a lot of freezing days, some days, some years we don’t. But what we’ll do is take it down another half a foot then to really expose as much as the vegetation as we can.”

The gates are opened remotely from a computer at the County maintenance office on Transmitter road.