The Ward 2 Commissioner Wayne McLeod attempted to gain re-election but he was unsuccessful in his defense losing to David Griggs. David Griggs won with 70 percent of the vote.

Grigg’s spirit was obviously high after the big win. He said he didn’t expect to win by such a landslide. Griggs celebrated with family and supporters at a joint party with Ward 1 winner Scott Davis. Wayne McLeod also was surrounded by family and supporters, and said this loss was disappointing but was proud to run a clean campaign.

Griggs has experience on the Callaway planning board and code enforcement board which he said gave him the knowledge he needs to propel the city into the future.

“I know the past and I know where we are in the present. I feel like with obviously some help from the citizens and of course the commission we can certainly move forward faster with less controversy,” said Griggs.

“The sun will come up tomorrow and it will be a beautiful day and I want to congratulate Mr. Griggs on his win and look forward to supporting him in any way I can in the future,” said McLeod.

Wayne McLeod said he has no immediate plans to run again in the future but will continue to stay active in Callaway. Both Griggs and McLeod said this campaign was a lot of work and taught them many lessons.