March is Florida Archeology Month, a celebration of everything history and archeology.

Today folks got the chance to turn back time and see a glimpse of Port St. Joe many years ago. 
The dash through the past scavenger hunt took place at the Constitution Convention Museum State Park.  
Attendees were given a map marked with historical sites within a two mile radius. 
Along the way, each group had to answer questions and complete archeology challenges to win prizes at the end. 
The goal behind the activity is to show people how local history can be easily overlooked. 
“For folks who maybe have been around here for a while or they ma just not be aware of all the amazing things that this area has to offer, I think events like these help highlight those things and help people appreciate their local communities a little more,” said Nicole Grinnan, Archeologist/Florida Public Archeology Network.
The Florida Public Archeology program is state wide and has offices located throughout the area. 
The Northwest Florida office has held events in Pensacola, Fort Walton Beach, Panama City, Marianna, and  Port St. Joe throughout the month of March.