Crum family members file lawsuit against power company


Family members of former high school baseball coach, Corey Crum and wife, Shana, are looking to sue the power company blamed for faulty wiring at the Liberty County High School baseball field.

The families lawyer said the facts in the case don’t look good for Florida Public Utilities.

Tallahassee attorney, Hal Lewis, said Corey and Shana Crum would likely still be here today, if power lines at the Liberty County High School baseball field were up to code.

“This is a situation where they’ve actually on the pole before where he was injured, intentionally taken a jumper cable and jumped from the high down to the low and moved the low up to the high,” said Hal Lewis, crum family attorney. “It just makes no sense.”

Lewis said according to several electrical safety experts, the low powerline is supposed to be de-energized, making it safe for someone, like Crum who is familiar with electricity, to deal with. 

Witnesses said Crum got out of the equipment he was operating to make sure he wasn’t tangled in the line before getting back in and being electrocuted.

“The fact that he was trying to get back into the forklift proves that he obviously has zero reason to believe that this wire was energized,” Lewis said. “Which he didn’t and shouldn’t have. If it would have been up to code he would have been fine.”

Lewis said the family knows the lawsuit will never bring their loved ones back, but they have more to prove.

“They want to set the name of their father straight because they don’t want anyone to think this is just someone who didn’t know what he was doing and made a mistake,” said Lewis. “This is a guy who knew what he was doing.”

News 13 reached out to Florida Public Utilities on the matter, but they declined to comment.

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