“The 22,222 meter ruck walk is a finish – a big finish,” said Battleship Crossfit Gym Co-Owner Eberle Funches.
It’s a big finish to a nearly month-long movement. 
“What started as the ’22 push ups for 22 days’ was put out by an organization called ’22 Too Many’, which is to bring awareness to veteran suicide,” added Funches.
Twenty-two represents the number of veterans who take their lives in a single day.
Funches and members joined rank by doing various work outs, weeks before Saturday morning.
They’re now marching with pictures of the fallen soldiers on their backs.
“One of our downfalls is when we come back all we want to do is go home and that’s not really the best option,” said Stacy Nabor currently serving the U.S. Air Force.
Nabor said crossfit has helped her by giving her time to decompress.
She and Mark understand the need for having this option.
“The crossfit community originally catered to public service, law enforcement, firefighters and our military veterans so the backbone of crossfit comes from that exact demographic,” said Mark currently serving with the U.S. National Guard.
Participant Bubba McCants said our local cities are surrounded by military bases. 
He added that it’s important that are servicemen and women know there is support.
“We just want them to know that they’re loved, and that’s the bottom line. We’re thinking of them and we’re praying for them and their families, and their kids,” said McCants.
That same love that can potentially save a life.
“If this can bring any level of awareness to have even one person call their buddy, call their friends .. veterans, law enforcement, really anybody for that matter so that one more life doesn’t have to be lost,” said Funches.
The cross fitters marched nearly 14 miles beginning from Thomas Drive to Sandpiper Resort.
For more on ’22 Too Many’, visit the website at 22toomany.com.