SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — A man in Springfield is charged with child cruelty and neglect after being confronted by police on Thursday.

Springfield police said a 10-year-old girl was found by herself running away from a home after receiving “unjustifiable violent” .. “discipline.” She was reportedly taken to the Children’s Advocacy Center by police.

Investigators and health professionals said the girl reportedly had bruising on her legs and face, along with cuts on the back of her head. Investigators said the injuries are consistent with a “highly forceful series of belt strikes.”

Police later identified Ryan Oliver Batson, 32, as the suspect.

Reports said police showed up to Batson’s Springfield home. Police attempted to arrest Batson, but he reportedly barricaded himself and a 7-year-old boy inside the home.

Investigators said Batson became violent with police, while also holding the child. The 7-year-old reportedly suffered minor injuries during the altercation.

According to reports, Batson hit and kicked officers while being arrested.

Batson was charged with aggravated child abuse, child neglect, and resisting an officer with violence. He was booked into Bay County Jail Friday night