SOUTHPORT, Fla. (WMBB) — Alabama-based Johnston trucking has five branches in the Panhandle, including in Southport.

Around 8:30 Thursday night, someone broke into the fenced-in yard and stole the driver and passenger doors off of three vehicles.

It’s not the first time it’s happened.

Earlier this month someone stole the doors off of two trucks at A-1 Septic Service.

And USA Concrete lost the doors off of eight of their trucks.

The thieves know what they’re looking for, usually targeting Kenworth trucks. 

“Originally we were under the impression that the electronic devices in the door is what they were going after,” Bay County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigation Captian Jason Daffin said. “After doing some more research, it seems more like getting the door and selling it as a whole.” 

And authorities say they’re good at it.

“To go out there in 30 seconds or a minute, remove these doors and then have the possibility of making several thousand dollars, it is lucrative for these people that have figured it out,” Daffin said.  

Johnston Trucking owner Luke Johnston said the six stolen doors are worth about $40,000. 

But the real financial burden is the lost work.

Johnston can’t use the truck without doors because they don’t meet safety standards.

With companies across the southeast united states being targeted manufacturers haven’t been able to keep up with the sudden spike in demand. 

And the manufacturer can’t meet the demand.

“It seems as though the reason they’re all back orders, so many of these doors are being stolen,”Daffin said. 

Sheriff’s investigators don’t know how many people are involve, or if the cases are relate.

But they say they’re confident they’ll solve the crimes.