SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — Sunday was a year since 20-year-old Tania Baker was murdered and police still have no one in custody, but said evidence points to an expert killer.

At the time of her murder, Baker was on Bob Little Road where her grandmother lives, picking up her 8-month-old son. Her immediate plans were to return to Georgia until she was shot and killed on the spot.

An autopsy report later revealed that Baker was shot point-blank in the back of the head and then an additional 3 times, authorities said.

At the time, police believed that Baker was executed and that the incident was a targeted attack. At a press conference on Sunday, police said there might be more than one person involved.

“We believe the person who either did it knew her, or someone who knew her had it done,” said Barry Roberts, Springfield Police Chief. “That’s why we said, suspect or suspects.”

Police said they have suspects in mind but not enough evidence to support an arrest.

“We’ve been able to develop several signature traits of the suspect. We believe they are unique to this suspect and any accomplices, at this time we are unable to share what those actual traits are,” Roberts said. “However, in this case, they are considered a signature trait and that’s what’s helping us to come up with an identification.”

“My biggest thing is to get everyone in this room an answer, and that’s all I ever wanted,” said investigator Jason Purdy.

Purdy said this case has been different than any he’s investigated in the past.

“I haven’t had a lot of people call up and tell me anything,” said Purdy. “Anyone who wants to call and tell me anything, I’ll take it, we’ll take it and investigate it.”

“We work many cases where it’s not near the level of a case like this as far as the severity and we might get hundreds of tips,” said Roberts. “Immediately, people out of the woodwork calling, this has been very strange, we’ve gotten very little.”

Police plan to pursue an outside investigation that would cover more ground.

“We have investigators who are going to be going outside the area later on coming up in the next week or two,” Purdy said.

Carol Baker, grandmother of Tania Baker came to Sunday’s conference hoping for answers but left with just as many questions.

“It’s been hard because every time I turn somewhere I see something that belongs to her,” Carol Baker said. “But it’s very hard and then some of the family not being able to see Gabe it’s really hard because that’s all we have of her is him.”

Carol Baker said, now 20-month-old Gabe, has been separated from his mother’s side of the family since his mother’s death. Even though they weren’t met with a lot of new details, Carol Baker said they are leaving the conference today with a little bit of hope.

“But not no relief,” said Carrol Baker. “I want this to be over with.”

Carol Baker had a message for the person responsible.

“Whoever committed this tragedy, why don’t you speak up and give us some closure,” Carol Baker said. “So our hearts can start to heal.”