FOUNTAIN, Fla. (WMBB) — Chaos came to an end in Fountain Thursday evening after Bay County Sheriff’s Office deputies were able to locate and take murder suspect, Jason Jones into custody.

Jones is accused of shooting three women on Wednesday; his girlfriend, his mother, and a bystander. His reported girlfriend is expected to be okay but the remaining victims lost their life.

News 13 followed the case and was on the scene from start to finish.

Wednesday Evening

Deputies responded to 12615 Davies Road on Wednesday, March 4 at 5:19 p.m. in reference to shots fired.

Sheriff Tommy Ford of the Bay County Sheriff’s Office says before even getting to the home, his investigators found one deceased woman lying in the middle of the roadway on Highway 231. The victim passed away from a gunshot wound.

And once the authorities got to the home on Davies, there, they made contact with a second victim who was inside the residence. The family living in the home did not know who she was but allowed her into their home.

“We secured the perimeter. We were able to get a family outside of the house. At that time, we believed there was one female left inside the residence possibly suffering from a gunshot wound,” said Sheriff Ford.

Ford says at this point, the suspect, Jones was still at large.

While investigating this scene on Davies, not even a mile away, a man was driving his truck north on HWY 231 and noticed an orange hue in the sky. The driver says he was doing a U-turn on Suncrest Road and noticed a large fire.

This bystander is the one who called authorities to report the fire and then proceeded to go into the home, seeing if anyone was inside.

“I called 911, told them there were two trailers in the back, fully engulfed, since the first trailer in front, the double-wide wasn’t involved yet, I stepped inside and called out to see if anybody was home and there was a deceased female lying in the kitchen floor,” said the witness.

The fire was reported while multiple agencies were on scene at Davies, in search of the shooter; thus bringing more crews and resources to the small area in Fountain.

Sheriff Ford gave an update to the media of the situation around 7:30 p.m. which was carried live only by News 13, and at that point, Jones was still nowhere to be found.

News 13 left the scene Wednesday night around 10:00 p.m. and Jones was still at large but Sheriff Ford says they had investigators searching all through the night.

Thursday, March 5

On Thursday morning, more crews were on the ground as the search continued for the suspected killer.

A News 13 team got to the home on Suncrest Road around 10:30 a.m. to see members with the State Fire Marshal working through the rubble of the fire; trying to find a cause.

Sheriff Ford gave us an update as soon as he arrived on the scene, telling us he and his office believes Jones is also responsible for the blaze.

“We do feel he returned to the Suncrest area after the incident on Davies, potentially to set the fire,” said Ford.

Another update Sheriff Ford gave is the identity of the victim found deceased in the roadway; 53-year-old Djuna Newman.

“We believe she lived in the area and came outside to see, after hearing the gunshots and we believe the suspect shot her,” said Ford.

Ford gave News 13 this information around 11:00 a.m.

Following this update, the team of investigators from multiple agencies continued to search for Jones for hours.

At one point in the afternoon, a crew traveled to the Blountstown area after a possible spotting of Jones but that turned out to be invalid.

Thursday Evening

Investigators continued to search in the Fountain area, believing Jones was still in the area. Around 5:00 p.m., another call of a possible sighting came over their radios.

“A citizen had seen him walking on the side of the road on Hurst Road. Captain David Baldwin was very close to the scene he had talked to a citizen when this call came out. He was there within two minutes,” said Ford.

The map shows proximity of three involved locations

Sheriff Ford now holding a press conference at 6:00 p.m. giving detail of what came from that call.

“He {Baldwin] pulled up to him and challenged him. The suspect continued to walk away. Finally stopped. Challenged him to turn around. Turned around, he gave a false name to Captain Baldwin.”

The subject eventually put up his hands and admitted he was in fact, Jason Jones. He was immediately taken into custody without incident around 5:00 p.m.; nearly 24 hours to the minute of when the initial dangerous call came in.

“We are very pleased to have him in custody, it’s been an intense 24 hours for law enforcement as well as the citizens of fountain and Bay County in general. this was a very dangerous suspect. We’ve given this everything that we’ve got. I’m so proud of the men and women of the BCSO for their dedication to this case and everyone who assisted us,” said Ford.

Also during this press conference, Ford announced the identity of the second woman who lost her life inside the structure fire on Suncrest.

“That is Jason Jones’s mother, Mary Laven. She was the victim found on Suncrest in the house. We believe that was an act of arson and other acts of homicide,” Ford said.

Laven’s cause of death is still under investigation.

While Jones is no longer a danger to the community, Ford says their work is far from over.

“We still have a homicide case to work, a homicide case to prove. This is just a tragic event and a senseless loss of life and we can breathe a sigh of relief we have a killer in custody.”