Three arrested in connection to 25 vehicle burglaries

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Bay County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of two juveniles and one adult in connection to 25 vehicle burglaries that occurred early Friday morning on Panama City Beach.

BCSO Criminal Investigations believes the three suspects apprehended may also be responsible for as many as fifty vehicle burglaries in Bay County.

Deputies received a report of vehicle burlary on Sandollar Drive in Panama City Beach around 4:26 AM. The victim said the suspects had fled on foot.

A deputy spotted some bicycles and skate boards stacked in some brush near Sandollar Drive, on Laurie Avenue, and Clearwater Drive. The deputy stopped a short distance from the bikes and skate boards to watch and wait. Three malese then approaced and the deputy was able to confront and detain them.

The three admitted to burlarizing 25 to 30 vehicles in the area prior to being caught. Two of the suspects were in possession of handguns that they say were stolen from vechicles they burglarized in the area.

More charges are to be expected.

Investigators also report that, so far, each of the burglarized vechiles were left unlocked.

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