Couple welcomes first child during pandemic


PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — Oliva and Zack Sanchez welcomed their daughter, Vivian, on April 6 with a little more fear than most parents.

They knew that childbirth might include some challenges but they never imagined that would include meeting their child while wearing a mask.

“We had to wear masks the whole time,” Olivia said, “It was a little weird being with each other and trying to talk through a mask.”

Olivia said that the experience has been anything but ordinary and that an underlying fear was always at the back of her mind.

“I was personally scared that somehow, she would get COVID-19, or somehow I would get it and give it to her,” Olivia Said.

This fear has led them to keep loved ones at a distance.

“I want all of our family to be around, we are both so close to our families and so that’s been really hard,” Oliva said

Zack is taking extra precautions to ensure their daughter stays protected when he returns home from work.”

“If I go out I have to strip all my clothes off, wash them immediately, go take an immediate shower,” Zack said. “I’m not allowed to say hello or anything at all.”

Olivia and Zack both feel bittersweet about their experience with becoming parents.

“It’s bitter because I want all of our family to be around, we are both so close to our families and so that’s been really hard,” Olivia said. “It’s sweet because we had moments together in the hospital that I feel like most parents probably couldn’t have together because of visitors and people constantly wanting to come and check on you.”

The Sanchez’s said they want to try for another child in the future, and they hope that the experience will be a lot more conventional.

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