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County’s Announces New Plans for Water and Sewer Project After Being Denied In the Past


A potentially lucrative project keeps getting batted down. An U.S. 331 water and sewer project has received the “no-go” several times but, officials are taking a new approach to get the funding. 

“(Walton) County is not in the water and sewer business but, we know how critical it is to make that support,” explained Bill Williams, Walton County RESTORE Coordinator.

The U.S. 331 corridor is most frequently described as, the life line of the county. 

“That vital link brings, our north and south together,” said Williams. “It diversifies our economy. “

Initially the project was filed as an “all-at-once” expansion, ringing in a $35 million price tag. Now taking a different approach, the project will be broken into segments. 

If Walton County were able to secure the funding to get the 331 water and sewer project moving, officials say, it would have a drastic impact on the economy and it’s projected to bring billions of dollars to Walton County.

“We are looking at 50 to 200 jobs immediately coming into this section. It’s near the C-6 component of the military base there,” said Williams.

As Williams reflected on what went wrong in the past, he told us he learned that, the Triumph Gulf Coast Committee wanted more short, very segmented focal points on the jobs. 

“…we are very confident that with the infrastructure that focusing on the cyber securities the defense expansions the weapons testing,” explained Williams. “The things that they are doing that that is the direction that Walton County is going to go in.” 

At Tuesday’s meeting, the new approach will be presented to the Walton county commissioners. If all goes as planned the application will be submitted again to the RESTORE Act Committee and Triumph Gulf Coast. 

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