County Looks at Solutions for Failing Sewage System


Some Freeport residents may finally see a needed change in their sewage system. The City Council of Freeport and Walton County Commissioners are now working together. 

Residents at the Brandon Oaks subdivision are dealing with a stinky health hazard, failing septic systems. But, that might change after County officials and Freeport City officials are moving forward with a plan to get all sewage hooked up to the City’s system. 

“The problem right now is that water is going somewhere. That sewage is going somewhere and it’s going into the Bay,” explained Tony Anderson, Walton County Commissioner, District 5.

Right now out of the 54 total septic tanks in Brandon Oaks, 14 tanks are completely failing. 

“All of the septic tanks out there are in danger of failing and that’s really their only solution,” said Commissioner Anderson. 

A main concern Freeport City Council brought up was, the cost it would take to reconnect and fix each tank. 

“We’re trying to come with the financial mechanism that we can take care of the 14 quickly and then help with the others later,” explained Anderson. 

Walton County Commissioners say there is money that can be used to help fund this project. 

“Almost $145,000 and it was paid for by the developer to take care of the issues within the development,” said Anderson. 

Walton County Commissioners say they feel like this is a step in the right direction and will discuss an ordinance during their next meeting. 

Walton County Commissioners will vote next Monday, September 25th at 9 A.M. and Freeport City Council will meet and vote on the 28th.

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