County Commissioners say 90/10 cost share will help the area tremendously


BAY COUNTY, Fla.- After waiting months for the 90/10 cost share to be approved, President Trump has officially signed the executive order. 

Bay County officials said this cost split will save the county millions of dollars and it’s also helping residents. 

“When you get it in writing, it truly solidifies it so it’s a great thing for Bay County. It saves the citizens about $26 million overall, so that is a huge saving for everyone,” said  Bay Co. Commission Chairman, Philip ‘Griff” Griffitts.
On Saturday, officials with the white house called Bay County commissioners and confirmed that the long-awaited 90/10 cost share had been approved. 
“We’ve been asking for it since October 11th. We knew that the debris and the damage and the debt we were facing was going to be astronomical so it was much easier for us to ask for this,” said Griffitts. 

What was originally 12 1/2 percent that the county would owe for categories A and B for debris removal and protective measures, is now a 5% cost, saving about $26 million dollars.   

“It was a 75/25 split, this takes us to a 90/10 split where we split our 10% with the state and it takes us down to 5% which is still a tremendous amount of money but it takes us in the direction that we could look at handling,” said Bay Co. Commission District 3, Bill Dozier. 

It’s not just the county saving money, but taxpayers. If this order not been signed, county officials would have had to look at other options, one of those options raising taxes. 
“It’s going to go to the bottom line where we’re not going to have to go and look at you know possibly in the future having to raise taxes to cover that gap, so it’s going to be a tremendous asset for the people of Bay County,” said Dozier. 

County leaders said this is a big move for us post-Hurricane Michael, but they’re still waiting on the disaster relief package from Congress. 

They believe we’ll see results on that sometime this week. 

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