Cook Portable Warehouses and Gary’s Oyster Shack are “Open For Biz”


Another two businesses in Bay County that were affected by Hurricane Michael. Have opened back up for normal business hours after remodeling.

In this weeks open for biz. Sponsored by GED Lawyers. Chris Marchand focuses on Cook Portable Buildings and Gary’s Oyster Shack.

When Michael blew in and out of our area almost a year ago. It took with it a lot of small portable buildings, but thanks to Cook Portable Buildings residents were able to find a replacement in a timely manner.

Cook sells some of the highest quality portable buildings available. They also have utility buildings, barn and lofted buildings and garden sheds.

Local dealer Bridget Pollard said it took a little elbow grease to get open but they are happy to be back serving the community.

She said, “So when we did finally get here my office was still standing which was amazing was just knocked off the blocks a little bit so we had to fix that there was just debris all over the lot, of course like a house and everything else around here still doing some land clearing still trying to get our fence repaired and things like that here it is a year later but we were able to open for business and we’re happy to be here”.

For more information call 634-2380.

Once you get your shed you might be hungry. You can head right down the street to Gary’s Oyster Shack.

Gary’s is locally owned and operated and has some of the area’s best fresh gulf seafood and steaks.

Co-owner Gary Gibbens said they have gone thru the same struggles getting back open that so many other people have gone thru including battling their insurance company.

Gary said his customers have really shown their appreciation since they have been back open,

“When we finally open the doors there were so much of our local customers that came in, in fact, we had to put a sign up that said can’t take any more the other thing helped us to it was when the hurricane hit we took with seafood we had and steaks and whatever and cooked up for our neighborhood and our folks and they remember that they came back and said we remember when you cook for us”.

Right now Gary’s is open for lunch Tuesday and Wednesday from 10:30 -2 and Dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 10:30 – 8:30.

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