BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Some Lynn Haven residents are frustrated with their new neighborhood.

They say the Plantation at College Point development has been left unfinished.

Olivia Dobbs moved to Bay County with her husband in February.

As a military family with a new baby, she said moving into a brand new house in a gated community was a no-brainer.

“We were very excited,” Dobbs said. “Small neighborhood, brand new home. Unfortunately, our hopes were pretty much shattered as soon as we moved in.”

Dobb’s chief complaint is that the final layer of blacktop has not been laid on the neighborhood’s streets, which is causing a lot of issues.

“Sewer caps are about an inch and a half above where they should be with the blacktop,” Dobbs said. “Construction also destroyed a lot of the different edges of the curbs, entrances to the driveways, that kind of situation so it’s numerous problems with the blacktop not being laid and finished and completed from D.R. Horton.”

Residents asked Bay County to help resolve this issue, but because it’s a gated community, it’s not public infrastructure.

“It’s a serious situation that these individuals out there have made a significant investment in these homes,” Bay County County Manager Robert Majka said. “It’s in their best interest to get good advice and we think that the advice needs to come from somebody that they hire to represent them that knows the law, that can clearly show them the path forward and help them to get this situation resolved.”

Dobbs said this experience will make it hard for her to recommend a D.R. Horton home to other military families expected to move here as part of Tyndall’s rebuild.

“We’re just looking for D.R. Horton to take responsibility for what they have promised the homeowners of the neighborhood,” Dobbs said. “Countless homeowners have recounted emails back and forth, conversations from the builder, from the superintendent, even from the president himself of D.R. Horton in this area has promised the neighbors that the final layer of blacktop will be laid by them because they are the responsible group for the final layer and unfortunately, we’re left unresolved.”

D.R. Horton declined our request for an interview, but did issue a statement, saying in part: “Our team is working closely with the HOA Board and management company of The Plantation at College Point on what repairs are necessary, and we expect to complete them as soon as possible when all parties are in agreement.”