With more people moving to the beautiful beaches of Panama City Beach, the demand for housing goes up. For drivers to and from Panama City to the beach, it’s hard to miss the construction project by Hathaway bridge. 

Concept Builders, a development group out of San Antonio, Texas has plans for a 288 unit apartment complex called “Vantage Apartments.”

It’s located on Highway 98 and Wildwood Road, just beyond the CVS where the Hathaway bridge ends. It will have full amenities like a fitness center, on-site leasing office, clubhouse and pool. 

“We’re doing our roofs, framing still, I got four more buildings to frame,” said Senior Project Superintendent for Concept Builders Jim Funderberg. 

Construction started in March and it’s set to be done sometime next spring, but they will open up as units become complete. With any new development traffic is always a concern. A mandatory traffic study doesn’t indicate any major problems. 

“The traffic study indicated that we will obviously have to work with them on possibly changing the timing of some lights there, but besides that there isn’t any expansion of lanes planned or anything like that,” said Bay County Planning Manager Ian Crelling. 

The complex will have two entry ways, one on Highway 98 and the other on Wildwood Road, which Crelling said will help with traffic flow.

The construction team is made up of all local contractors and workers. Anywhere from 60 to 120 people work on the building each day.