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Congressman Neal Dunn “Disappointed” in Spending Deal that Included No Hurricane Relief Funds


Panama City congressman Neal Dunn voted against the spending deal passed in Washington Thursday, calling it disappointing.

The deal includes no money for Hurricane Michael disaster relief, something Dunn said he was expecting and even “semi-promised” for the past six weeks by his constituents. Dunn said other areas of the country were also expecting funding for disaster relief within this budget, like California, and the Carolinas for the wildfires and Hurricane Florence. Dunn said he will continue to fight to highlight the need for relief money in the Panhandle. He said the poor communication abilities following Hurricane Michael hurt our ability to get the message out that we are in need of federal funding. 

“We’ve already gotten back to work this morning on what we need to do to make this the next big thing in congress, to get this disaster funding across both floors.  We’ve been gaming that all morning, working with the white house, in fact they are coming in later so we are working and doing everything we can to get that to be taken up immediately,” said Dunn.

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