Commission Honors Bay District's Ongoing Request, Closing portion of East 13th Street Temporarily

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - On Tuesday, the Panama City Commission honored Bay District's ongoing request to close part of East 13th street in Panama City. 

The district has claimed the road is unsafe for students in previous years. Now, Bay High students are sharing the Jinks middle school campus with Jinks students. 

As Bay High is being repaired, 46 temporary classrooms will be placed on East 13th street. District officials said about 1,000 students will be crossing 13th street many times each day, making the road more unsafe.

"I think this is a very logical request. I don't think  it's an easy one to dismiss. It's about the students safety and I'll answer any questions further than that but it's about the student's safety," Superintendent Bill Husfelt said to the commission. After discussion, the commission agreed.

13th street will be temporarily closed from Magnolia Avenue to Wilson avenue until July of 2020.

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