PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — On September 26, 2010, around 3 a.m., Panama City Police Department received a call in reference to an injured person at a residence located at 306 North James Avenue.

Lieutenant Chris Edmundson was one of those responding officers, and what he discovered inside the home was far more than an injured person.

It was the dead body of 56-year-old Lewell Butler.

Lewell S. Butler

“It was very apparent that it was not a self-inflicted injury, and it was an injury that was caused by someone else that led to his death,” Lieutenant Edmundson said. “So we immediately started working it as a homicide right there.”

Gunshot wounds were found on Butler’s body. But where they came from remains under investigation after almost 10 years.

“Someone out there knows what happened, and that’s the biggest thing right there,” he said. “As new processes become available for processing evidence, we continuously send stuff off. We just actually sent a couple items off as of a year ago to FDLE to try to see if we can get some type of evidence back that wasn’t available at that time. So we’re continuing to work the case. But the biggest thing is someone out there knows what happened. And we would like that person to come forward and contact us in reference to this, that way we can bring closure to the family and that neighborhood over there as well too.”

Edmundson urges anyone with information to contact the Panama City Police Department or CrimeStoppers.

But there’s also a new app you can use to submit tips by the push of a button.

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