CALLAWAY, Fla. (WMBB) — One of the toughest duties in law enforcement is solving a case that has turned cold.

That’s one of the reasons why investigation experts across Florida are working together to solve cold cases through the Cold Case Advisory Commission. Bay County Sheriff Tommy Ford serves as the vice-chairman of that board.

“We have forensic scientists, medical examiners, prosecutors, law enforcement officers, experienced homicide investigators, staffed by the Florida Sheriff’s Association,” Ford said. “So we travel across the state and meet every quarter, and agencies from within that area that we meet, come and present a cold case to the commission. And it’s a time for them to, you know, seek advice from the subject matter experts in that particular field and help them with their case.”

One of Bay County’s oldest cold cases is the disappearance of Elizabeth Prescott.

Her husband Coy Prescott came home from work on April 30th, 2004 to find a wet towel in the bathroom floor and his wife gone.

They were living at Abalone Apartments on Tyndall Parkway in Callaway at the time. But the complex was recently destroyed by Hurricane Michael.

“At the time of making the report back in 2004, nobody had seen from her since he left for work and last saw her,” said Captain Jason Daffin with the Criminal Investigations Division of Bay County Sheriff’s Office. “Since that time, we’ve interviewed multiple people…And so some of these leads we’re still following up on. And, you know, even though this case is from back in 2004, it’s something that all the investigators are aware of.”

It’s referred to as one of the agency’s “most missing persons” cases. They’ve worked leads and interviewed suspects but have gathered little evidence.

They’re still urging anyone with information to come forward.

“If somebody wants to come forward and wants to provide information, that information will be between myself and them,” Captain Daffin said. “And if that’s that person’s wish, I will do my best to keep it that way. You know, if we have some information, sometimes just somebody steering us in the right direction from, you know, us having all these possibilities of what may have happened to have somebody narrow that focus down to a certain event or a certain person if there is some foul play or whatever the case may be.”

Prescott tended to go by Beth, and her maiden name is Pagliacceti. She would be 34 years old today but was 19 on the day she vanished.

She was reportedly 5 feet, two inches tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. But she often wore green-colored eye contacts.

If you know anything regarding her whereabouts, you’re asked to call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office or CrimeStoppers.

“You know, it’s still an ongoing investigation, and we’ll look at every avenue or any tip that comes in with an open mind and try to run it down the best we can,” Captain Daffin said. “It’s, you know, about bringing closure to her family and what ultimately has happened to her.”