BLOUNTSTOWN, Fla. (WMBB) — A tragic mystery in Calhoun County began 21 years ago when a Blountstown woman suddenly vanished.

Kimberly Moore was reported missing on March 1, 1998.

According to the police report, she was last seen three days prior by her alleged boyfriend. But what deputies discovered next took Calhoun County Sheriff Glenn Kimbrel by surprise.

At the time, he served as a police officer at Blountstown Police Department.

Sheriff Kimbrel: “I got a call from the county sheriff’s office deputy a few days after she was reported missing saying that she had been found. I said, ‘Well, where is she at?’ – expecting they had found her somewhere, you know, she was okay? And, he said, ‘Well, we found her in the river.’ I said, ‘What river?’ ‘The Apalachicola River.’”

Moore’s body was found south of Neals Landing in Blountstown, but who’s responsible remains questionable.

“I believe at that point in time that they, Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department got a suspect,” Kimbrel said. “My understanding is that they interviewed him, and, he was not forthcoming as to what happened to her. If he did know, he would not tell.”

That suspect was Moore’s reported boyfriend at the time. But deputies lacked evidence to charge him and anyone else, leaving her family still waiting for answers more than two decades later.

“She was a happy, loving, loved to sing. I love to sing. And she loved it,” Moore’s son Patrick Underwood said. “I mean, of course, any person wants to know who done it. But it’s been twenty something years. I just want to know why. Why?”

Moore’s niece, Felicia Boyd, wants to know the same.

“I just want closure. And if anybody has any information, if you know, give us that,” Boyd said. “Why would you continue to let this remain unsolved?”

A $6,000 reward is still being offered to anyone with answers. To submit a tip, call 850-674-TIPS. Or click here.