Cleaner water coming to Port Saint Joe


PORT SAINT JOE, Fla (WMBB)– Port Saint Joe residents can expect cleaner water as the city moves forward with funding for a storm water project.

The city has recieved a grant from the Northwest Florida Water Management District. The grant helps the city ensure storm water reaches the Saint Joe Bay in the cleanest way possible.

“They’ve been generous…it’s $775,000. We’re not exactly sure what we’re gonna do yet, but it will all have to coordinate with our storm water master plan,” said Rex Buzzett, Mayor of Port Saint Joe.

While officials are excited to utilize the funds and improve the quality of the bay, some residents were concerned. They feared the city would use funds from the grant to help rebuild a local sports complex, affecting homes in the surrounding area.

“What we wanted to make sure of is that the NERDA grant is for existing conditions. Not future buildout or improving infrastructure for a mega size sports complex,” said Christy McElroy, a resident of Port Saint Joe.

But, the funding will only be used on previously existing infrastructure and to improve water quality.

Improving the water quality will be at no cost to the city. The city says the funds will be used in accordance with the city’s storm water master plan.

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