LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WMBB) — The only rule in Lynn Haven Elementary School Teacher Laura Perry’s classroom is to use kind words and to only portray kind actions.

Amanda Williams, a teacher across the hall from Perry, said it’s a critical lesson in setting the foundation for developing minds.

“She loves her students, she gives them what they need every day to learn, to grow, and to just feel good and confident in what they can accomplish on their own,” Williams said. “I love that.”

“I tell these kids all the time there are big problems in the world,” this week’s ‘Class Act’ Perry said. “You’re going to be equipped to solve them because you won’t give up.”

Perry has been instilling this attitude in students for almost 34 years. Williams is one of the many parents who have noticed positive improvements in her child since joining Mrs. Perry’s class.

“She would kind of struggle coming in to do homework, she would want to wait until the afternoon,” Williams said. “Since having Mrs. Perry for the last two years, she comes right in, she gets a snack, she goes straight to her room, and she does her homework on her own.”

Perry said everything is hard before it gets easy.

“We allow children to solve math the way their brain works and then teach somebody else,” Perry said. “There’s no such thing as one way to solve a math story.”

Teachers like Mrs. Williams said they notice Mrs. Perry often puts in extra hours at the school to try to help each student reach their fullest potential.

“Building good people. That’s what my passion is,” Perry said. “Building a better world. That’s why our future’s bright.”

That’s what makes Laura Perry this week’s ‘Class Act.’

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