PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — A teacher known and loved schoolwide can be a valuable asset both in school and in a child’s life.

Rutherford High School is losing a good one. Paraprofessional Tammy Davis is this week’s ‘Class Act.’

Davis’ 27-year teaching tenure is coming to a close.

“And it’s hard. It’s hard leaving after all of these years. It really is,” Davis said. “Because I’m going to miss my babies. I’m going to miss my kids.”

Davis is like a magnet at Rutherford High School.

“It’s going to be theoretically impossible to replace Mrs. Tammy,” Student Gabriel Breen said. “She is what I call an empath.”

It’s not just Davis’ 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students who are going to miss her.

“There will be a big empty spot. Not just in this room but in the entire school,” Davis’ co-worker Phillip Armbruster said. “Mrs. Tammy is involved everywhere. There are high school kids that come by all of the time and it’s just a constant show of love and attention to all of the kids. All kids at this school.”

Between classes, Davis serves as a hall monitor. There is hardly a person who can walk by without reaching for a hug from the beloved school treasure.

“I think they know I’m there for them and my heart’s with them,” Davis said. “They know I want to see them be the very best that they can be.”

It’s Davis’ job as a paraprofessional to assist kids who have a more difficult time in the classroom.

Students like Gabriel Breen said Davis is the reason he’s able to better control his anger.

“To be honest, Mrs. Tammy’s helped so many kids excel,” Breen said. “Like she got me into wrestling, got me into all of this other stuff.”

Grades improve with Davis’ understanding.

“I love the school here, I love the students here and I think this is where we try to make our biggest difference,” Davis said. “I just would not trade it for any other school in Bay County. I love it here.”

Davis has already made several promises to be back as a visitor soon after she leaves the school at the end of March.

That’s what makes the dedicated and passionate Tammy Davis this week’s ‘Class Act.’

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