City of Panama City Beach updates residents on relief efforts

Here's a few updates on a variety of things going on with Hurricane Michael efforts in Panama City Beach and beyond, and this will hopefully answer some of the questions you have.

  • Household garbage in the city limits of Panama City Beach will be picked up beginning tomorrow, Sunday, Oct. 14.
  • We remain under a boil water notice. You may use the house water for bathing but not for brushing teeth, washing dishes, drinking or cooking.
  • Most mobile phones and land lines are still not working. Phone service is limited.
  • There is free drinkable bulk and bottled water in several locations around town including the Panama City Beach Police and Fire stations and Aaron Bessant Park. There is a tanker truck full of water in the front parking lot of City Hall. Please bring your containers and fill them. Other tankers have been directed across the Hathaway Bridge.
  • There is still a dusk to dawn curfew in place for the protection of our residents. 
  • Power and water has not been restored to all of the beach. Continue to conserve water. Do not water your lawns or wash your cars at this time.
  • When you come upon a non-functioning traffic signal, treat it as a 4-way stop.
  • The City has placed porta potties at various locations on the east end where there is no water. These locations include the Chevron on Joan Avenue and North Lagoon; Rick Seltzer Park; Winn Dixie at Magnolia Beach and Thomas Drive; Lindsey Furniture parking lot, Thomas Drive and Highway 98 and Bid Daddy Drive at the old Tiki Bar.
  • This link shows a satellite view of Hurricane Michael damage. Zoom in and see your property. Storm damage site
  • Bay Medical Beach ER is open on Panama City Beach Parkway, as is the ER at Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center.
  • There are multiple sites serving food including the Destiny Worship Center, 13300 Panama City Beach Parkway, and food giveaway is being coordinated at Woodstock Church, 17495 Panama City Beach Parkway. Please check our Facebook page here for more food information: City of Panama City Beach-Government
  • Businesses are beginning to open on the beach. You can find groceries, home repair supplies, etc. We ask that you please be conservative and limit your purchases to two to three days use. More supplies are coming.
  • Gas remains in short supply and there are long lines for gasoline. Please limit travel and pair up with a neighbor when running errands.
  • Go to Bay District Schools Facebook for updated information on the situation with the schools.
  • WKGC 90.7 is broadcasting official messages regarding rescue efforts and valuable information.

Finally, we ask that you please look out for each other during this very difficult time. We have received an outpouring of support from first responders, municipalities, counties, churches and good Samaritans across the country. We appreciate their help. Please don't forget your neighbors. Check up on each other. Share when you can. We will get through this and we will get through it together. 

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