PANAMA CITY, Fla. — The redevelopment of a new.multi-purpose CDC center was on the agenda at the city commission meeting on Tuesday morning. 

Destination Panama City is currently located at the Sherman Arcade building for the next year. But in the meantime, they are making plans and looking for funding of a new building.  

“We’ve decided after the storm the property that the city bought from the old elks property that we bought probably seven or eight years ago would be an excellent site for our CDC building,” said Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki. 

The TDC is planning on helping out, too. They have set aside money for both Panama City and Mexico Beach.

 After Hurricane Michael, many residents migrated to Panama City Beach for a place to live. This increased Panama City Beach’s growth rate to almost 130%. 

But after the storm, the Bay County TDC set aside anything above their normal rate of growth to help rebuild tourism agencies in both Panama City and Mexico Beach. 
“There’s going to be an escrow of money there that we will be able to use to help build our visitor center,” said Brudnicki   

Destination Panama City has plans for the building to be a multi-purpose center. It will offer a room for rental so the community can hold events there, such as sailing regattas. 

“We’re really looking forward to having a multi-purpose facility verse just something for tourists, said Destination Panama City president Jennifer Vigil. “We really are looking forward to giving back to the community.”