City Clerk Resigns After She Claims “Hostile Work Environment”


In recent years, the City of DeFuniak Springs has experienced a high turn over of key positions that run the city. Just recently it was the city manager position that sat vacant. Now, another important city position sits vacant. This time its the city clerk. 

Obviously, we’ve made the news again having to do with our clerk, her job position,” said Mayor Bob Campbell.

Loretta Laird began working for the city in August of 1999. According to her email, since the recent election of three new council members, she has felt an increase in hostility.

“That sorta, you know created a problem so we had to address that as a city council,” said Campbell. 

Laird requested to be transferred to the DeFuniak Springs Police Department, which was denied. And, she gave a lengthy list of complaints.

“What was said about me personally, untrue,” said Mayor Campbell. 

It was a short meeting that took place for only 17 minutes here at the city hall in Defuniak Springs after laying out all of the options the council unanimously voted to accept lairds resignation and agreed to give her a severance pay of $52,000.

“There was an agreement to be signed which would release us, I guess from any further litigation,” Mayor Campbell explained. 

Laird stated, she faced retaliation for refusing to participate in unethical and illegal activities. Maybor Campbell says this didn’t come as a surprise. “I wasn’t really surprised, you know I mean if you looked at, you see what was printed—she was not happy so that didn’t really surprise me. Like I said though, I hope the best for her future. “

Now the search begins for a new city clerk.

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