Chipola Baptist Association helping those without insurance recover


As a part of the North Florida Inland Long Term Recovery Group, the Chipola Baptist Association is making strides to get out and help people in Jackson and Calhoun County who have very little or no insurance, get back on their feet after Hurricane Michael.

“We’re doing our best to get people back on their feet,” said Coba Beasley, director of missions. “To keep their roofs from leaking, trees out of their yard, trees off their houses, doors, windows, flooring.”

Currently the group has had roughly 450 tickets submitted in Jackson County alone.

Already they have completed 69 of those homes, with help from people all across the country.

“We’ve got mission groups that are coming in,” Beasley said. “Right now we have about 19 more groups coming between now and the end of July.” 

The mission groups vary in size from five to 200 people.

Beasley said they’ve all been extremely helpful thus far.

“It’s a joy to have them come and volunteer their time and efforts and helping us on the rebuild for the next five to ten years,” said Beasley.

While they have plenty of workers, Beasley said they’re short on supplies. 

“We need two by fours, we need screws, nuts nails, roofing materials, we need screens,” said Beasley.

Beasley said contractors have stepped in to help make sure that the work is permitted and legal by florida statutes.

To get assistance from the Chipola Baptist Association, stop by Chipola Family Ministries located at 3004 Highway 71 North, to fill out a ticket.

To donate to the association, visit 2540 Lakeshore Drive in Marianna and talk with Coba Beasley.

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