MIRAMAR BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) – While the Panhandle is famous for hosting spring breakers, some families across the nation are coming here for a more important reason, they are escaping the stress of living with childhood cancer.

Lighthouse Family Retreat is a nonprofit that exists to strengthen families living through childhood cancer by offering restorative retreats and helpful resources.

They’ve partnered with local restaurants and volunteers across the country to give families battling childhood cancer an unforgettable spring break.

Bear Linscombe and his brother Brody are back this year to volunteer.

Brody is a cancer survivor himself. He loves being able to serve those who are in the position he once was.

“We really got to enjoy ourselves for the first time and it was a blessing to families that came here for the first time and it’s amazing,” Brody said.

“I remember us driving back from Lighthouse and my dad was in tears and my dad doesn’t usually cry so it was kind of moving to me like oh this is a really big deal and it impacts families,” Bear said.

This week, the nonprofit hosted 24 families and over 250 volunteers across the two locations in the panhandle for its annual spring break retreats.

“We know that just financially, the stress that it puts on the marriage of mom and dad and often the siblings of the child in treatment, they just get overlooked because there is so much going on with their brother or sister is sick so we really just want to come along and support the entire family while they’re here,” said Lighthouse Family Retreat Director of Development, Adam Tomberlin.

This retreat will continue through the end of the week and Lighthouse Family Retreat has many more scheduled throughout the summer.

They are always looking for volunteers for future retreats and you can find information on how to sign-up here.