Changes to PC Marina Development Team

PANAMA CITY, Fla - Panama City officials say a major change within the company contracted to develop the Downtown Marina will not cause major delays.

Bob Sonnenblick sent a letter to Panama City commissioners this week, informing them that Peter Bos and Legendary Marine is no longer a partner in the development team.

Sonnenblick states Bos' departure was an amicable, mutual decision, made in the interest of the project.

The letter goes on the say Sonnenblick is 100% committed to a flagship project that will be admired and recognized throughout the U.S.

Some have been critical of the earlier preliminary plans for the Marina but city officials maintain nothing is carved in stone.      

"The plans were never finalized so, you know, I mean, I know there were some of the things that Peter was really in favor of doing that the commission really wasn't and so they wouldn't have been on there anyway," Panama City Mayor Greg Brudnicki says. 

Brudnicki says Bos' departure will not significantly delay the project. He also says the public meeting on the Marina, will take place next Tuesday as scheduled.  

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