CAUGHT ON CAMERA: A Mother’s Boyfriend Molests Two Children


A local man is behind bars for allegedly molesting two children. The DeFuniak Springs man was reportedly taking advantage of his girlfriend’s children. 

It’s a mothers worst fear. 

“In this situation, the mother of the children had suspected that something was going on,” said Sheriff Mike Adkinson, Walton County Sheriff’s Office.

That’s when she decided to set up a video camera to see, if what her gut told her, was true. 

“And unfortunately, in viewing that video it confirmed her suspicions,”shared Sheriff Adkinson.

The Walton County Sheriffs Offices says, in the video was 51-year-old, Ronald Reed Norris Junior, of DeFuniak Springs. They say, he can be seen touching one child. Then, exposing himself to the other victim.

During an interview, Norris denied the allegations and could not provide the investigators with a reason, as to why he was seen in the video entering into the children’s bedroom and putting his hands under the covers. 

“The video shows pretty clear and compelling evidence that the subject was engaged in this activity,” explained Sheriff Adkinson.    

Norris did not have a criminal record until now but, investigators say he was on their radar in the past. 

“Norris was known to us from previous investigations of a similar style incident.”
To some, it might seem unusual that the mother set up a camera but, Sheriff Adkinson says, the mother wanted to be sure and wanted to have proof to show authorities. 

“It is rare to have video taped proof in this regard,” shared Sheriff Adkinson. “Subsequently there was interviews that confirmed a second victims as well.” 

As a message to parents who might have suspicions under their own roof: “If you are suspicious enough or that you are concerned enough to put up a camera, then I would remove whoever that person is from my child’s life.”

Both of the children were taken to the Emerald Children’s Advocacy Center. Norris remains behind bars at this time with a $50,000 bond. 

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