Candidates Discuss Hot Topics at a Public Forum in Panama City


A political forum in Panama City hosted 6 primary candidates. The Bay County League of Women Voters(LWV) invited 4 school board candidates and 2 congressional candidates to speak at a public forum. 

The event was held on Aug. 20 at 6:00pm at the Florida State University, Panama City campus. Cecile Scoon, the Bay County LWV President explained why they put on the event. “This is our opportunity to create a platform for any candidate regardless of their pocketbook, to be heard.” The forum was free of charge to candidates and attendees. “We don’t want the only people that can run for office are people with deep pockets,” said Scoon.

School board district 3 and district 5 candidates all spoke on issues like bullying, the half cent sales tax, and school safety. The 2 candidates running in the Democratic primaries for the District 2 Congressional, Bob Rackleff and Brandon Peters were also there to answer questions on local issues.

Jan Bennicoff attended the event to break herself from old habits and make an informed decision on her ballot. “I’ve done that in the past where I just go… Oh it’s a woman I’ll vote for her. And I thought, I really want to know more before I put my x after somebody’s name.”

The Bay County League of Women Voters plans to have two more forums in October. An informational forum about the amendments on the November ballots; and another political forum between Neal Dunn and the winner of the democratic primary, and Sen. Gainer and his challenger Mary Gibson. 

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