A Florida Department of Transportation project will make walking and biking in Callaway a lot safer. The program will allow the city to build new sidewalks on a one mile stretch of Bob Little Road. City manager Michael Fuller told me this is an area of the city that has a ton of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. He says this project is going to make it so much easier and safer for residents to get where they’re going.
Bob Little Road is a highly traveled road in Callaway. There are currently no sidewalks on either side. Soon, that will change. FDOT’s Local Agency Program is helping Callaway to build the sidewalks.
“The segment I’m talking about is Cherry street north to Seventh Street,” said Fuller.
In the past, Fuller says there has been at least one accident involving a pedestrian or cyclist on this part of Bob Little Road, which is why is was chosen for the FDOT program. 
“This would enhance pedestrian safety a great deal, to add sidewalks.” 
New sidewalks will not just improve safety. They will allow easier access for people to move all over the city.
“It also provides access to trolley stops, as well as one of the main destination points for a lot of folks, the Super Walmart on Tyndall parkway. this of course would make it easier and safer for the residents or people in that area,” said Fuller.
The city is currently in the process of finding a contractor to build the sidewalks. Fuller says the city hopes to begin construction in about a month. The project will cost roughly $350,000.