MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — The North Florida Inland Long Term Recovery Group has been working to provide relief to Hurricane Michael survivors in Jackson and Calhoun counties. Two years later, the group is still helping families recover.

Whether it’s finding a new job or building a new home, the North Florida Inland Recovery Group is focused on helping residents in Jackson and Calhoun counties recover from Hurricane Michael.

“To be able to give them a glimmer of hope and let them see that things might be okay, you know, you can climb out of this,” the North Florida Inland Recovery Group Executive Director, Kristy Terry said. “That’s probably the best thing that we can do and the best, you know, service ewe can provide to our clients is just to give them hope.”

Terry said they’ve helped about 800 clients. One of those clients is the Adkins family who lost their home to the storm.

“The anxieties of it all you know, I don’t think that’s something that ever leaves us,” said North Inland Florida Recovery Group client, April Adkins.

Adkins said she and her family rode out the storm at her grandmother’s house and remembers watching the storm take it’s course.

“The whole house was shaking, and you hear more trees falling, bricks going off the chimney, windows breaking and then when it was all over with, my husband ran down to check on our home and stuff and it was really messed up,” Adkins said.

Adkins’ daughter, Cierra, vividly remembers the day her mom got the call they were getting a new house.

“And I saw her crying and I was like ‘Mama, why are you crying?’ and she was like ‘We’re getting a new house very soon,’ and I was like ‘What?! Oh my gosh,'” Adkins’ daughter, Cierra, said.

Adkins wants people who are still recovering to know there is still hope and there are people here to help.

“Just when you feel like nothing is happening, and that you’ve been forgot about, things happen when they need to,” Adkins said.

Residents of Calhoun and Jackson counties who are looking for Hurricane Michael recovery resources can visit the group’s website for more information.