Breaking news for Destin parents and students. For years, efforts to bring a high school to Destin have been unsuccessful. However, amid increasing enrollment in Destin’s elementary and middle schools, a group of locals took matters into their own hands and have a plan for a Destin High School.

The dream for a Destin High School might soon be a reality. A group of local community activists are taking matters into their own hands, armed with a strategic plan to finally get a high school in Destin.

“We are going do a charter school. Our goal all a long has been a public school that would be open to anyone in Destin,” shared Prebble Ramswell, Destin High School Committee.

These education minded residents have formed an executive founding board to investigate a grass roots effort to open a high school.

Once a strategic plan was formulated, a consulting firm was hired to get the Destin High School open. The school will focus on innovative curriculum options, including cyber security, hospitality and tourism, marine science, and construction; along with the fundamentals, such as science and math. 
“We also want to look at doing vocational education because we know that going to college is not the right path for every student,” explained Ramswell. 

Currently, children in the Destin school system have to travel at least 30 minutes north, east or west across town, the Island or the Mid Bay bridge to attend high school.

“…we knew that to make this come true really sooner rather than later, we needed to take things into our own hands,” said Ramswell.

The Destin High School committee knows it will take a significant financial investment from the community to make this a reality. They’ve formed a 5013c corporation and are soliciting private donations from the community.

If all goes as planned, students will be able to enroll at Destin High School for the 2020 school year.

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