Boyfriend arrested in connection with dog attack on four year old child

Sheriff’s deputies arrested 28-year-old Benjamin “Max” Brown today, charging him with perjury and child neglect in connection with a dog attack on a child last week.
The Bay County Sheriff’s Office now says he made-up the whole thing. Last Thursday afternoon, they responded to a local hospital, where doctors were treating 4-year-old Avery Farmer for wounds received from a dog attack.
Originally, his mother’s boyfriend, Max Brown, told authorities he picked-up Avery from his father’s house, then took him to a yard sale on Allison Avenue in Panama City Beach where he claimed a pit bull attacked the child while walking back to his car.
Brown then took Avery back home to his mother, who then drove the child to the hospital. Authorities launched a search over the weekend to find the dog for a number of reasons, including determining if the animal has rabies. However on Monday, after Avery was released from the hospital, a different story began to surface. The boy told his father that he was “playing with puppies” when attacked.
Investigators now believe Brown picked up Avery and took him along as he visited a friend on Allison Avenue. The friend owns several large dogs, one of which recently had a litter of puppies.
They believe the boy was playing with the puppies when the mother dog attacked him. Deputies charged brown with perjury for allegedly lying to them, and child neglect for not seeking medical attention.
Bay County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Ruth Corley said there were several factors leading to the arrest.
“One, he did not call 911, and two, he did not take him to a hospital; he took him all the way to Southport. It was the mother that saw he needed help,” said Corley.
The owner gave the dog over to Bay County Animal Control to be euthanized later this week. They say this is not the first incident with the pit bull. They have had two complaints about the dog this year with one of those complaints involving a bite to the leg.

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