HOLMES COUNTY Fla. (WMBB) — Members of the Bonifay community are in mourning after a beloved member of their community passed away Monday due to a long battle with COVID-19. 

Brad Johnson was an adored veterinarian among his community who touched so many with his kind spirit.

Friends and family will always remember what made Johnson so special to his community. 

“Brad was a lifelong friend,” said Mark George. “I can’t imagine it without him.”

Johnson will be a loved member of the Bonifay community forever. His life-long friends said he was such a special guy who never met a stranger.

“He just had such an infectious personality,” said George.

Johnson was also known for running Dixieland Veterinary Services in the Bonafay area. Friends said he was very empathetic and went above and beyond.

“I saw him get on the floor and cry with people that lost their pet,” said George.

Friends said Johnson had a larger than life personality, living life to the fullest. He would march to the beat of his own drum.

“And I mean, that was always Brad,” said life long friend Heath Jenkins. “Always, let’s go see what is out there.”

Johnson’s legacy is his kids, he loved them dearly. But when it comes to the community during COVID-19, he would have wanted to leave them a message.

“I think what he would definitely say, is take this virus very seriously,” said George. 

“He is a friend of mine, 2 weeks ago, had no reason not to live to 70 to 80 years old,” Jenkins said. “And here he is gone.”

Friends said Johnson would have wanted them to keep living, but for the community to continue to take COVID-19 seriously.