BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) – There were several changes this week to Bay County’s school lunch program. For the first time since Hurricane Michael, some parents are now required to pay for the meals.

School officials are required by the Federal Government to feed students a healthy meal each day. We went to Breakfast Point Academy and Bay High school to take a look at the meals provided to the students. Students could get pizza, a sandwich, or nachos.

“We will not let a child go hungry,” Community Engagement Specialist Stephanie Werchan said.

Since Hurricane Michale parents have not been paying for their student’s lunch and now some schools require it. Bay District schools said parents who don’t pay for school lunch, their students will be provided a “different meal.” However, that program is not yet in place. Every student was still offered the same meal.

Werchan said, “We get a lot of positive feedback from actual parents of our students and teachers.”

The Healthy Hunger-Free Act was passed in 2010 that requires schools to serve a strict meal plan. These meals can be different from what one might expect from a fast food restaurant or what some people make at home.

“We have dietitians and nutritionists that put these menus together and then our local operations manager and our chef put the menus together to ensure there’s an array of variety across the week,” Werchan said.

Students have the choice to pick what they want, so a student can eat four cookies or a slice of pizza and a salad. Bay High and Breakfast Point allow students to buy snacks, chips, and ice cream outside of the meals provided.

“And we just now hired an Executive Chef who oversees all of our kitchens. He’s going through the kitchen by the kitchen so any school you walk into looks exactly the same,” Werchan said. “The pizza looks just as good at Jinks middle school as it does at Breakfast Point Academy.”

Per Bay District Schools’ contract with Chartwell, Chartwell is paid $3.25 per every meal served. Last year that amounted to $8.1 Million.