Blountstown Residents Celebrate 42nd Year of Black History Parade


For 42 years, the city of Blountstown has been celebrating Black History Month through their annual parade… but this year adds another layer of meaning.

The parade is a fundraiser to help graduating seniors afford college. Organizers said they plan on handing out five scholarships this year. 

The money is raised through entrance fees for the floats. Organizers said it’s crucial to remember the importance of black history so we don’t take it for granted.

“We need to know our black national culture. We need to know where we came from thus to know where we anticipate going,” said Blountstown Black History Parade Founder, Geraldine Sheard.

Unity after Hurricane Michael was a big theme as well. Participants said the parade was a huge boost for morale that will help Calhoun County rebuild stronger and better than ever. 

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