Bill Cramer Chevrolet donates to Claim A Classroom Campaign


Hurricane Michael damaged 43 schools in Bay County, and more than 130 teachers lost thousands of dollars of supplies that they paid for out of their own pockets.

In response, the school district kicked off the Claim A Classroom Campaign.

Teachers have been scrambling and struggling trying to outfit their classrooms with all of the materials and things they want to put back in there for the students, said Bill Husfelt, Bay County School’s superintendent.

Decorations, games, and supplies are just some of the things that teachers buy for their classrooms each year.

All of these items being bought un-taxed and out of their own paychecks.

With every paycheck, I normally buy two books, so it is an ongoing debacle over which book we buy, said Megan Todd, Bay High School teacher.

Todd said her students love when she comes in with new books.

But, since the storm, it’s been hard to replace the collection, much less all the other supplies needed to run a classroom.

You need what you need to teach, so once you get it you can be more successful but you’ve got to have the things that you need, said Todd.

Which is why the Claim A Classroom Campaign was started.

The goal is to raise 100-thousand dollars to help restock those classrooms.

So far, 13-thousand dollars have been raised.

Thursday, Bill Cramer and family donated ten thousand dollars to help the campaign.

Nobody teaches to get rich, said Bill Cramer, Bill Cramer Chevrolet owner. They teach to enrich the lives of their students.

Cramer said his family plans to match funds up to 50-thousand dollars. 

They shouldn’t have to come out-of-pocket to supply their classrooms, but they do because they love what they’re doing, said Cramer.

To donate, checks can be sent to Bay Education Foundation, marked #ClaimAClassroom, at 1311 Balboa Ave., Panama City Fl 32401. 

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