Bielec Trial Day 2: Medical Examiner and Defendant take the Stand


Three years ago, an infant was declared dead after he spent his first night alone with his father.  Today, that Walton County man is in court after being accused of the child’s murder.

News 13’s Peyton LoCicero tells us, doctors say this was no accident.

Remington Bielec, a 9-wk-old infant was originally described as perfect in December of 2015. Now Remington is described differently by medical professionals.

On day two of trial, the State opened with presenting jurors with the several medical professionals who examined the child’s body.

“What do Remington’s injuries…What does Remington tell you happened to him,” asked Angela D. Mason, State Attorney’s Office. “Remington tells me that he was probably shaken and possibly struck in the head,” explained Dr. Andrea Minyard, Medical Examiner.

“What was Remington Bielec’s cause of death,” questioned Mason. Dr. Minyard replied, “Blunt impact of head and neck.”

The State says his father, Harold Clifford Bielec Jr., was responsible for that trauma.

“Could that also come from a violent shake,” said Mason. “Yes,” responded Dr. Minyard.

Mason finished by asking, “And, what was Remington’s manor of death?” “Homicide,” concluded Dr. Minyard.

Back in December of 2015, Bielec told authorities that his 9-wk-old child had been sick and all of a sudden he wasn’t breathing or responding. But, today Bielec told jurors he dropped his son into an empty bath tub.
After the lead medical examiner testified her findings, the defense called their witnesses to the stand. One of them being, the defendant.

“I panicked and called his mom,” shared Harold Clifford Bielec Jr., Defendant. “Nope. What happened,” interjected Mason.

“I picked my son and I was trying to wake my son up,” Bielec said. “I didn’t understand what was going on.. I had just dropped my son in the tub. So, I tried and he wasn’t coming too. So, I hold my son and I try waking him. I mean, I’m not sitting there violently shaking my son.”

“Do you understand that there are people who hurt their children,” asked Frankie White, Defense Attorney. Bielec repled, “Yes, ma’am.”

White asked, “Are you one of those people?” “No, I am definitely not. I love my kids. I have nieces and nephews. I love children,” stated Bielec. 

Thursday trial will being with closing statements from both sides. 

After closing statements are given, jurors will go into deliberation and are expected to have a verdict by the end of Thursday. Trial beings at 8:30 A.M.

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