Bielec Trial Day 1: Man Accused of Murdering Infant Son

DeFuniak Springs, Fla. - Testimony begins in the trial of a Walton County man accused of killing his infant son. Prosecutors say Harold Clifford Bielec, Jr. killed the two month old child in December 2015.    

News 13's Peyton LoCicero joins us live in from the Walton County Courthouse.

Doctors say, 9-week old Remington Bielec died because of head and neck trauma. The State says his father, Harold Clifford Bielec Jr., was responsible for that trauma.

Prosecutors used their opening statements to present jurors with the details surrounding Remington Bielec's death. They say the defendant, Harold Bielec, Remington's mother Brittney Vanhoose, and her other child met at a park, where the Remington was said to be  "perfect."

"Remington had a little bit of a cold. It was December and he was 9 weeks old. You know how babies get stuffy and Brittney had been giving him just a touch of Benadryl, as her doctor told her to. And on that day, he was fine. He was relaxed he smiled he laughed...until he didn't," said Angela L. Mason, Prosecutor for State Attorney's Office.

After leaving the park, Bielec drove Vanhoose and her daughter to their home, then, took Remington to his house.

"Around noon that day, he asked me if he could take Remington home with him and at first I said no but, then after awhile, we talked and I agreed on it and told him, that if he needed anything or if something came up..just call me and I'll come get him," explained Brittney Vanhoose, Remington Bielec's Mother.

"The next call Brittney gets is a panicked defendant, because that perfect baby, who was fine isn't fine anymore," explained Mason.

Bielec's attorney told jurors Remington got sick and, that Bielec accidentally dropped the child.

"As he went to the bathroom, he was rushing to the bath and he dropped Remington into an empty tub. Harold didn't tell law enforcement about dropping Remington in the bathtub, no did he tell Brittney. And, you're going to hear from Harold and he is going to tell you why he was scared," said Allison Frankie White, Defense Attorney.

As Bielec was driving Remington back to his mother, the child became unresponsive and Bielec called 911 for help.

"PHONE RINGS. Walton County 911...What's the address of your emergency," asked the operator.

"Yes sir. Man, I just woke up at the house and my son he uhhh uhh he ain't uh he is breathing just a little bit but, he is acting like he ain't breathing at all. His feet are turned pale white, his face are turned pale white. I just jumped in my jeep. I don't know if he is breathing or not. I'm at the raceway," cried Bielec on the call.

Prosecutors also called several first responders, EMS and doctors to talk about the child's condition.

The State will continue presenting it's case tomorrow morning. The jury is expected to come to a conclusion by Thursday.


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