PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Air travel wasn’t only a problem for people trying to get back home after spending Labor Day weekend in Panama City Beach.

It was a problem on Monday for a couple of brown pelicans at the beach.

The two birds were first spotted seemingly relaxed near the M.B. Miller County Pier on Front Beach Road.

However, it was quickly noticed they were entangled in something.

As they were pushed by the waves closer to shore, beach-goers were able to stabilize the birds and begin untangling the line.

This is when the crowd was finally able to find something sharp to cut the line with.

A tourist named Brian O’Neill took charge using a box cutter.

He and a couple of the other pelican heroes said they expected to do a lot of things this trip, but not rescue birds.

They said they were glad to help.

One of the birds immediately flew away after being set free.

Some lifeguards arrived to check out the other bird who appeared to have trouble flying.