SPRINGFIELD, Fla. (WMBB) — Some Rutherford Middle School students are struggling in math and reading classes, due to the integration of an online platform called Edgenuity. 

“I’ll probably at least have an F in the grade book for a while because it’s so hard to catch up on this app,” Vanessa Mayberry, a seventh-grader at Rutherford said.

Students who are generally A and B students are failing their courses, because of the amount of coursework involved in each class. Students said that for each class period, they are expected to complete a lesson, video, activity, and two quizzes in a 30 minute or hourlong course. Students said that that generally takes them about two hours to complete.

“Edgenuity, with your math and reading, most students are failing,” Mayberry said. “Like we believe that we should be able to be taught by our teachers and not taught by people on screens.”

Rutherford Principal Coy Pilson said that there have been “bumps in the road” to teaching middle school students through Edgenuity this school year. Before this year the program had only been used for credit recovery at the high school level. However, he expects the program to be beneficial once students are acclimated.

“If the program is run successfully a teacher will have the ability to work with small groups of students or students individually throughout the entire day,” Pilson said.

Pilson said the decision to make Edgenuity part of the middle school curriculum was due to a lack of teachers. 

“We had several new teachers or openings that we hadn’t filled yet,” Pilson said. “And it was about the beginning of school and I was trying to figure out a way, how can we continue the students education when I didn’t have teachers in the classroom.”