BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB)–Bay County Sheriff’s deputies may soon find themselves assisting with the border crisis. Governor Ron DeSantis announced on Wednesday he plans on sending Florida law enforcement officers to the Texas and Arizona border.

“The border has been opened up and just tons of illegal narcotics are coming across the border and they’re making their way into all the counties,” said Ruth Corley, the Bay County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer.

Corley says some of those drugs are making their way here to Bay County.

“Where we used to make a bust of ounces of those illegal narcotics, we’re into pounds,” Corley said.

The uptick in drugs is prompting Bay County to take action. Corley says resources from Florida will be sent to the border as needed.

“The request will go to Tallahassee, the Florida Emergency Management already has a process in place and people that have signed up from all over the state to be the first to respond in any kind of request for that,” Corley said.

Those individuals will assist at the border for 14 days.

“Once they complete that 14 day stay, the request will go out to the different counties,” Corley said.

At that time, Corley says they’ll send personnel, vehicles, and supplies from the Bay County Sheriff’s Office. She says they’re eager to give assistance and help after all the help the agency received during Hurricane Michael.